Replacement Brake Pads for RAD Power Bikes

Replacement Brake Pads for RAD Power Bikes

Rad Power bikes have made a name for themselves creating rugged, performance oriented e-bikes that are intended to be used for trips that would normally have to be done in a car or SUV. Their design allows them to go off road, haul all sorts of loads, and even bring the kids along. 

RadPower has expanded over the years and now has six bikes in the lineup. On these bikes are either one of two brake types - a cable actuated disc brake or a hydraulic disc brake. 

When it comes time to replace the brake pads on either of those, these are the pads that will work with your model.

Rad Power Cable Actuated Brake Pads

The following Rad Power bikes use disc brakes that are cable actuated:

  • RadTrike
  • RadRunner 2
  • RadRunner Plus
  • RadExpand 5
  • RadWagon 4

On the Rad Power website the cable disc brakes are listed as either Tektro Aries or Tektro Novela. The brake calipers themselves will be labeled with the model, but you can also use the shape of the pad as an identifier. 

Rad Power Bikes cable actuated disc brake

On the pivot arm of the caliper you can see the Tektro branding

The Aries brake caliper will have a rectangular shaped pad and is the type used on all RadPower bikes from 2018 and newer. The Tektro part number for these pads is E10.11 and that correlates with a pad made with an organic compound.

For other compounds, try our replacement brake pads for the Tektro Aries caliper which come in organic, semi-metallic, or sintered (fully metallic) compounds. 

Replacement brake pad for Rad Power cable disc brakes

The Novela caliper will have a circular shaped pad and was used on models prior to 2018.

Rad Power Hydraulic Disc Brake Pads

The following Rad Power bikes use hydraulic disc brakes:

  • RadRover 6 Plus High Step
  • RadRover 6 Plus Step Thru
  • RadCity 5 Plus High Step
  • RadCity 5 Plus Step Thru

On the Rad Power site these brakes are listed as ‘Rad Power approved hydraulic brake caliper’ and have no discernible markings on the caliper itself. However, these calipers use the same brake pads as a SRAM Level or Avid Elixir brake caliper and the brake pads for the Rad Power bikes are interchangeable with those models.

Rad Power Bikes hydraulic disc brake

The hydraulic calipers have no markings on their exterior

This means you can easily find alternative brake pads for your Rad Power bike. At Miles Racing, our SRAM Level pads are a direct replacement and you can choose from semi-metallic or sintered (fully metallic) compounds. 

Rad Power hydraulic brake pad replacement
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