About us

Miles Racing was founded in Augsburg, Germany out of a love for cycling.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s a group of friends held impromptu races on their local motocross track with stripped down 3-speed touring bikes. Those long summer days of racing their bikes were all about fun and nothing more. But what was once pure fun has turned into a lifelong passion of riding bicycles and being a part of the cycling community.

Since then, Miles Racing has spread from its humble beginnings in Augsburg to the rest of the world, providing riders and racers alike with high performance products for their bicycles.

With almost a decade of bicycle product development, our mission is to produce the best quality brake pads. We know how passionate our riders are about their bikes - we're passionate about them too!

Join the Miles Racing team, because even though a brake pad is one of the smallest parts on your bike, it’s one of the most important.


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