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Using the Miles Post Mount Adapter for a 203mm Rotor

Using the Miles Post Mount Adapter for a 203mm Rotor

Our PM to PM adaptor can be used for a number of situations, but is commonly used for upgrading to a larger 203mm rotor size. 

It will fit on most forks that are already set up for a 180mm rotor and allow you to fit a 203mm rotor. However, in some cases it does not move the caliper far enough on its own to clear the rotor. This is true for any Fox 36 fork, which typically requires a specific adaptor. 

To adjust for this, and adopt this adaptor to your needs, the conical washers that are included can be used as spacers in lieu of using other standard 1mm spacers.

Below are the steps to install this adapter on your fork to run a 203mm rotor. 

1. Use the washer that is pictured below

2. Place this washer between the fork post mount and the caliper adapter

3. Center your caliper and tighten all bolts to spec. Check pad and rotor clearance. 

4. Go out and ride!