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Miles SS3 Bicycle Disc Brake Rotor, with bolts - 160mm, 180mm, 203mm

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Our SS3 disc brake rotor is a direct replacement for all 6-bolt disc brake hubs and is made of heat treated stainless steel. 

The SS3 rotor comes in 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm sizes so it can be installed on any disc brake equipped bike, including your road bike, trail bike, or downhill bike. 

SS3 rotors have medium sized cut outs in the rotor surface, making them a versatile rotor that can be used with all compound types. If running sintered pads, use our more aggressive SS4 rotor. For organic pads, use the SS2 rotor with smaller vents. 

Replace your brake rotors when they wear out, when changing brake pad compounds, or if it has been damaged in a crash. 

To increase your brake's power, upgrade your rotor size for additional leverage. This means you have to squeeze your lever less to get the same amount of power. When upgrading, use a disc brake adapter to increase your brake caliper clearance

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