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Avid Elixir and SRAM Level Brake Pads

Avid Elixir and SRAM Level Brake Pads

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When your SRAM Level, Avid Elixir, Trickstuff, or Paul brakes are starting to feel a little soft, toss in a fresh pair of brake pads to bring them back to life. Our direct replacement SRAM disc pads fit all models of Level brakes, as well as Avid Elixir and some Trickstuff brake systems. Choose from organic, semi-metallic or sintered compounds depending on your riding style and terrain.

  • Avid Elixir (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, CR, XX, XO)
  • SRAM Level (T, TL, TLM, Ultimate)
  • Trickstuff Piccola, C21, C22
  • Paul Klamper
  • RadRover, RadCity 

Each set includes pads and a spring to replace the brake pads on one caliper.


These replacement SRAM Level brake pads can be fitted to the following:


SRAM Level (DB-LVL-A1), SRAM Level T (DB-LVL-T-A1), SRAM Level TL (DB-LVL-TL-A1), SRAM Level TLM (DB-LVL-TLM-B1), SRAM Level Ultimate (DB-LVL-ULT-B1) brake calipers


Avid Elixir 1, Avid Elixir 2, Avid Elixir 5, Avid Elixir 7, Avid Elixir 9, Avid Elixir CR, Avid Elixir XX, Avid Elixir XO

Rad Power Bikes

RadRover 6 Plus High Step, RadRover 6 Plus Step Thru, RadCity 5 Plus High Step, RadCity 5 Plus Step Thru


Trickstuff Piccola, Trickstuff Piccola Carbon, Trickstuff C21, Trickstuff C22, and Trickstuff CLEG2 brake calipers


Klamper (Post Mount, IS, and Flat Mount variations) brake caliper

For help on selecting a compound, check out our guide on the different types of disc brake compounds.

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